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Introducing the mouth-watering Classic Range Cupcakes.

Without any elaborate fondant decor, it is straight-forward, cupcakey goodness at it's best!

Classic Cupcakes are priced at RM50 per 12 pieces (single flavour).

Scrumptious flavours available.

Red Velvet
A lusciously moist and tender cake, laced with cocoa.
Topped with a swirl of heavenly light cream cheese frosting.

Cookies & Cream
A yummy vanilla cake loaded with cookie crumbs.
Topped with a fun cookies and cream frosting. 

Vanilla Butter
A moist and buttery, classic vanilla cake.
Topped with a swirl of melt-in-your-mouth, vanilla buttercream.

Strictly Chocolate
A deep, dark chocolate cake, laced with just a hint of coffee.
Topped with a rich, decadent, real Belgian chocolate ganache.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


The Express Range Cupcakes take less time to complete and therefore may be ordered fewer days in advance.

Bookings should be placed at least 5 days ahead.

Cupcakes are packed in boxes of 12.
For special, customized packaging requirements, additional charges may apply.

Choose from the designs below.
(Feel free to request for different colour themes or minor changes in detail.)

Monsterz Cupcakes
RM70 for a set of 12

Stars and Stripes Cupcakes
RM70 for a set of 12

Keroppi Cupcakes
 RM70 for a set of 12

Safari Cupcakes
RM70 for a set of 12

Pretty Pastel Cupcakes
RM70 for a set of 12

Alphabet Cupcakes
RM70 for a set of 12

Mickey Mouse cupcakes
RM70 for a set of 12

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Premium Range Cupcakes are more complex, thus requiring more preliminary work.

Therefore, Premium Range Cupcakes have to be ordered at least 2 weeks ahead.

Choose from designs below, or let me know what you have in mind.
Thomas and Friends cupcakes
RM170 for a set of 12

 Angelina Ballerina cupcakes
 RM160 for a set of 12

Sweetheart cupcakes
RM100 for a set of 12

Star Wars cupcakes
RM120 for a set of 12

Sesame Street cupcakes
RM170 for a set of 12

Bob the Builder Cupcakes
RM180 for a set of 12


Princess Aurora
RM280 - 6" round
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes
RM290 - 6" round
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes
RM290 - 6" round
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes
 Fairy - polka dots
RM260 - 6" round
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes

 Elmo Face
RM260 - 8" oval
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes

Fairy - flowers
RM260 - 6" round
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes

 Angelina Ballerina - night sky
RM290 - 6" round
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes

 Angelina Ballerina - flowers
RM260 - 6" round
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes

Strawberry Shortcake
RM290 - 6" round
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes


Spring Flowers
RM230 - single tier 6" round
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes
RM230 - single tier 6" round
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes

Sunshine Gift
RM230 - 6" round
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes


Forever Friends
RM330 - small carved cake
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes

Bears in Love
RM260 - small round cake
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes

RM100 for a set of 12

Cat and Duck
RM280 - 6" round
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes


Sleeping Baby
RM270 - single tier 6" round or
RM360 - double tier 6"& 8" round
RM70 - add on 12 matching cupcakes



Portion  Serving Guide for Wedding Cakes
This chart serves as a rough guide for selecting the appropriate size and number of tiers for a wedding cake. The estimated number of servings is based on the standard wedding cake serving size of 1" x 2" pieces.

Estimate Pricing Guide for Wedding Cakes
(this is just a rough guide for regular flavours and basic designs)
7 inch round and below : from RM250 per tier
8-9 inch round              : from RM290 per tier
10-11 inch round          : from RM360 per tier
12 inch round               : from RM460 per tier

Additional charges:

RM30 per tier for Deluxe flavours and fillings

RM30 per tier for shapes other than round

from RM50 per tier for complex designs (sugar flowers, gumpaste drapes, bows, hand painting, etc...)

from RM80 for hand crafted toppers

from RM50 per tier for designs requiring columns, pillars and separator plates.


(free delivery and on-site set up work within Kuching for cakes 3 tiers and above)  









Frosty the Snowman
RM250 - single tier 6" round
Christmas cupcakes
RM90 for a set of 12

Cheap Cake is not Good Cake?

I came across this quote: 

"Cheap cake is not good cake"

 and I couldn't agree more!

Why are premium cakes expensive?

Well, on top of the many, many, many hours (days usually) which we put into decorating a unique fondant cake, we also use the best possible ingredients.

I work in the healthcare industry (pharmacist) and am also a mother of four. I am therefore well aware of the myriad of  chemical additives which go into store-bought processed food and also cheap bakery products.

Among the chemicals commonly used are;
  • Preservatives, which make the products last longer. 
  • Emulsifiers (eg: Ovalette) which produce a wonderfully soft and smooth texture to cakes and many other food products. 
  • Anti-mold which prevents mold growth, especially in breads. Without this chemical, the common white sandwich bread would grow moldy in a day! 
There is also plenty of trans fat (the worst kind of fat) hidden in margarine and shortening. Look carefully before buying "butter", as some are not butter at all, but misleadingly labelled to make the consumer think it is butter! Many are made of vegetables oils which have gone through a chemical process (hydrogenation) to turn them into solids and coloring is added to make it a butter yellow! *serious* These are loaded with harmful trans fat due to the chemical processing. Real butter is expensive and less stable, so most bakeries use margarine or shortening.

This is why I try not to buy bakery products too often for my kids. Whenever possible, I make my own. So, knowing all this, I cannot in good conscience feed my clients junk either.

These are some of the premium ingredients I use whenever possible. (In this small town, steady supply is unfortunately never guaranteed!)

Anchor butter is pure New Zealand butter made from real milk. It is also certified halal. Through experience, I can attest that it has less water content compared to some other brands, and is thus denser, richer and creamier!

Van Houten cocoa powder is luxuriously dark and robust in flavour! It is made in Holland, and Van Houten invented the famous Dutch process for producing cocoa powder. I have used other cocoa powders  like Hershey's and just by comparing the colour, I can tell that Van Houten is the superior product. Hershey's is a light brown colour, whereas Van Houten is a gorgeously rich, deep, dark brown.

Belcolade dark chocolate discs from Puratos Inc., Belgium. This is a gloriously decadent, real Belgian chocolate. I love chocolate, in case you haven't noticed, so none of that cheap slimy stuff for me thankyouverymuch.

 I use this chocolate to make my ganache and my kids will always be hanging around like vultures waiting for leftovers! lol!

Satin Ice is an American fondant/ sugarpaste. It's texture and taste make it my favourite fondant to use. It is correspondingly the most expensive, and to top it off, not available here! I have to get it from KL whenever I can. Otherwise, I use the next product...

Bakel's pettinice is also a good fondant, but is sometimes too soft for our weather. It tastes good though and is usually available here. It is a product of New Zealand.

Anchor cream cheese is rich, thick and creamy. I use a lot of it for my cream cheese frosting. Through experience I found that cheaper alternatives, like Tatura cream cheese, are higher in water content and produces a watered down frosting.

I also like Philadelphia cream cheese. It is really dense and creamy, but can be a tad to salty at times.

Kampung eggs (free range, organic eggs) are a beautiful thing. Their yolks are yellower, and the texture of the egg on the whole is firmer and denser compared to the more abundant, mass-produced ones. Though I must admit, they're not always easy to find. Sometimes they're available pre-packed at the supermarket, though I usually get them from the 'egg uncle' at the Stutong Market. (I have him on speed dial) But most times I have to use regular eggs.

A good cake starts off with good ingredients. It truly does make a difference.