Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Introducing the mouth-watering Classic Range Cupcakes.

Without any elaborate fondant decor, it is straight-forward, cupcakey goodness at it's best!

Classic Cupcakes are priced at RM50 per 12 pieces (single flavour).

Scrumptious flavours available.

Red Velvet
A lusciously moist and tender cake, laced with cocoa.
Topped with a swirl of heavenly light cream cheese frosting.

Cookies & Cream
A yummy vanilla cake loaded with cookie crumbs.
Topped with a fun cookies and cream frosting. 

Vanilla Butter
A moist and buttery, classic vanilla cake.
Topped with a swirl of melt-in-your-mouth, vanilla buttercream.

Strictly Chocolate
A deep, dark chocolate cake, laced with just a hint of coffee.
Topped with a rich, decadent, real Belgian chocolate ganache.

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